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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Patent Examination Reform Acceleration Plan (2)

1. Promotion of Global Acquisition of Patents and Reinforcement of Intellectual Property Protection
(see my previous blog)

2. Further Measures for the Acceleration and Rationalization at the Patent Office
2.1.1 Increase of 149 patent examiners, including 100 fixed-term examiners in FY 2007.
2.1.2 Expansion of outsourcing of prior art searches to 226,000 in FY 2007.
2.2.1 Reinforcement of quality management of patent examination by the feedback of analyzed results. Opinion exchange among major patent offices on patent examination quality management.
2.2.2 Improvement on academic document database.

3. Promotion of Strategic Management of Intellectual Property at Business Enterprises
3.1.1 Continuation of opinion exchange between JPO's Commissioner and private companies' CEOs.
3.1.2 Compilation and publication of "Strategic Invention Management Guidelines."
3.1.3 Holding of Patent Strategic Forum for the opinion exchange between the Minister and expertise.
3.2 Improvement of Industrial Property Digital Library, and development of integrated search system of patent/non-patent document.

4. Strengthening of the Support for Intellectual Property Utilization at Regional or Small/Medium-Sized Enterprises
4.1 Reinforcement of regional IP strategic headquarters.
4.2.1 Further expansion of support for prior art search for SMEs.
4.2.2 Reinforcement of "IP Helpdesks" as regional contact points.
4.2.3 Expansion of support system for SMEs, such as the promotion of fee reductions.


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