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Monday, October 23, 2006

Patent Examination Reform Acceleration Plan

On October 19, 2006, the Headquarters for the Acceleration and Rationalization for Patent Examination headed by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry issued the "Patent Examination Reform Acceleration Plan for the Promotion of Innovation," which is said to be a new basic policy for the patent administration.
This plan is composed of four areas with 20 items.

1. Promotion of Global Acquisition of Patents and Reinforcement of Intellectual Property Protection
1.1. Exploring the realization of "Patent Examination Highway" with EPO, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia, followed by US and Korea. Compilation of "Guidelines for the utilization of search and examination results conducted by foreign patent offices" within this fiscal year.
1.2. Cooperation for the improvement on IP frameworks and practices in developing countries through economic partnership agreements, so as JPO's examination results to be accepted in these countries.
1.3. Reaching for an agreement on substantive patent law harmonization at developed nations' meeting in this November, including the first-to-file provision.
1.4. Reaching for an agreement on the unification of patent application format at the Trilateral Meeting in this November.
1.5. Agreement on the so-called "Treaty on Counterfeits and Piracy Anti-Proliferation."
1.6. Incorporation of anti-counterfeits measures in EPAs negotiated with developed countries (Australia, Switzerland, etc).
1.7. Enlargement of joint dispatches from public/private sectors for anti-counterfeits missions to China and other Asian countries, aiming at supporting effective IP protection to be established.
1.8. Expansions of the support for enterprises for anti-counterfeits measures and holding of “Counterfeits and Piracy Crackdown Campaign” for consumers in this December.

2. Further Measures for the Acceleration and Rationalization at the Patent Office (to be uploaded later on my blog)
3. Promotion of Strategic Management of Intellectual Property at Business Entities
4. Strengthening of the Support for Intellectual Property Utilization at Regional or Small/Medium-Sized Enterprises


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